[XeTeX] Footnote rule line without any footnote text material

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at web.de
Thu Jul 12 23:01:46 CEST 2012

Am 12.07.2012 um 17:38 schrieb Andy Black:

> I'm not recalling the exact reason why I used MainFont but I do know that the
>        \font\MainFont="/font family name/" at /pointsize/pt
> was a way to allow for varying font families and point sizes, including larger or smaller than the three I understand LaTeX provides (10, 11, and 12).

These restrictions apply to most *class* files only and set up families of related font sizes. Internally you can use \large or \small and many more to change the text size. With NFSS2 (the New Font Selection Scheme, version 2, more than 10 years old) you can also use for example


In your document for example \footnotesize is set to \fontsize{9}{10.7999999999999}. And you're already using


to emphasise the chapter header "1.2 …". I think if you would use the official \part, \chapter, etc. you would not need to set \pdfbookmark and \hypertarget because hyperref would perform this automatically.

I think your document would need some debugging with some \tracing command... Maybe things would become easier if you could reduce the complexity and remove fancyhdr and hyperref.



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