[XeTeX] Footnote rule line without any footnote text material

Andy Black andy_black at sil.org
Thu Jul 12 17:38:05 CEST 2012

On 7/12/2012 2:29 AM, Peter Dyballa wrote:
> Am 12.07.2012 um 02:02 schrieb Andy Black:
>> Try using the attached TeX file now.
> What is the intention of
> 	\begin{MainFont}
> 	\end{MainFont}
> and why are you using
> 	\font\MainFont="Times New Roman" at 11pt
> when you have already set "Times New Roman" as your text body's main font and you're using the book class with the 11pt option?
> Is it for an almost minimal test case necessary to set up fancyhdr and hyperref?

As you may have guessed, the TeX code is generated automatically from an 
XML mark-up language for linguistic documents (see 
http://www.xlingpaper.org/). This generation process is attempting to 
use many of the features that LaTeX and friends provide (to avoid having 
to re-invent the wheel) while still allowing for larger variations in 
layout parameters than basic LaTeX has.  What is here is what I found to 
work.  I'm not recalling the exact reason why I used MainFont but I do 
know that the

         \font\MainFont="/font family name/" at /pointsize/pt

was a way to allow for varying font families and point sizes, including 
larger or smaller than the three I understand LaTeX provides (10, 11, 
and 12).

I would not be shocked to learn that there is a better way to do this, 
but I found this to work.

> Why is
> 	\protect\footnote
> necessary?

There are situations when a footnote is embedded within other 
constructions (perhaps a table within a table -I'm not recalling the 
exact context) where the \protect was necessary.  Rather than coding the 
TeX generator to have to determine the set of contexts where the 
\protect was required, I opted to just always use it.

> Could this provoke setting the footnotes line on every page?

No, it doesn't.  I'm using the \protect\footnote for every footnote and 
it is only in very, very rare circumstances that we get the extra 
footnotes line.

In addition, I also just removed the \protect in the .tex file I sent 
and re-ran it using tl 2012.  The extra footnotes line is still there.

Thanks again so much for exploring this with me.


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