[XeTeX] Footnote rule line without any footnote text material

Andy Black andy_black at sil.org
Mon Jul 9 20:39:16 CEST 2012

In some very rare circumstances, I'm getting a footnote rule line 
continued on a second page when there is no reason for it.  The entire 
footnote text is on the previous page and there are no other footnotes 
on the second page.  I assume that either there is something in my .tex 
file that is causing this or else this is a bug.  It certainly is not 
expected or wanted behavior.

I'm attaching a minimal XeLaTeX file that demonstrates the problem.  It 
includes the .tex, .pdf, and .log files so hopefully the version numbers 
of the various packages will be clear (from the log file) and you can 
try and reproduce this problem.  It does appear that what fonts are used 
may be crucial.  I'm using Times New Roman on Windows, Mac, and Linux 
and get the problem.  On the Mac, using Times also had the problem.  You 
may be able to substitute the Doulos SIL font for another font and still 
get the problem (Tahoma also had the problem on Windows).  The Doulos 
SIL font is available at 

Thanks so much for looking into this.  Any suggestions for solving it 
will be greatly appreciated.


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