[XeTeX] Help with XeTeX/ConTeXT and CTL

Shriramana Sharma samjnaa at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 05:21:37 CEST 2012

On Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 7:52 AM, Martin Hosken <martin_hosken at sil.org> wrote:
> Dear Shriramana,
>> Now by further testing the cmap-fixed font, I am happy to note that
>> Brahmi is now rendering (hopefully by Graphite, since there is no
>> rendering when /GR is not there), but I wonder why a font should have
>> OT tables to render Graphite!?!
> Graphite uses all kinds of tables from the TTF font, including cmap, glyf, hmtx, head, etc. If you want to call these OT tables, then that's fine, but whatever you call them, Graphite uses them. Personally, I only consider tables with all caps tags as being truly OT tables, and Graphite doesn't use them (not on principle, just that it doesn't need to.)

Well I certainly didn't remove the CMAP or such tables (else no
rendering would have occured). By OT tables I meant GSUB, GPOS and
GDEF. Those *are* OT right (whether they are capitalized or not...)

>> The GrEnabled TTF has the CMAP quite well but still it throws a
>> segfault, whereas the other TTF with both Gr and OT tables renders
>> beautifully, but only with /GR and not without!
> Please include your .gdl files. Debugging via mind reading makes things a little harder ;)

But I already posted the tarball which has the GDLs --
So I only posted the diff as a separate tarball --

>> /Obelix taps on his head -- "These Romans are crazy!/
> I agree entirely. That's why I work with non-Romans :)

:-) "A smart font technology for non-Roman scripts", eh?

Shriramana Sharma

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