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Nastaliq OpenType fonts typically use the GPOS LookupType 3 (cursive attachment), which is not supported by some of the more simple-minded OpenType Layout engines.


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On 02.08.2012, at 04:28, Mike Maxwell <maxwell at umiacs.umd.edu> wrote:

> On 8/1/2012 6:48 PM, Khaled Hosny wrote:
>> I remember specifically testing some Nastaliq fonts and Hans fixing some
>> small issues I found, I just tested again now and IranNastaliq seems to
>> work (my fork of Nafees Nastaleeq is broken though, but it uses an
>> OpenType GDEF feature not supported by LuaTeX's font loader, so this is
>> expected and not even Arabic specific).
> I'm interested in this.  We have used Nafees Nastaleeq v1.2 (IIRC), and plan to use it for Punjabi written in Shahmukhi.  While this font works reasonably well in XeTeX, there were a couple things we were bothered by.  But it's been awhile since we last used it, and we're not experts in this style of Arabic script, so I can't remember the problems, nor would I be confident enough to say much about them anyway.
> Have you written up your work on Nastaliq?
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