[XeTeX] Dinosaurs

Yves Codet yves.codet at sfr.fr
Tue Sep 13 13:38:54 CEST 2011


I was sent some useful information about hyphenation in Malayalam script and I'm modifying "hyph-sa.tex" accordingly. If there's a specialist around (dinosaur or mammal, it doesn't matter in this case), it would help me a lot if he could answer the following questions.

Can a chillu character occur elsewhere than at the end of a word? What I want to know is if rules about chillus should be (with ൻ as an example):
or more generally:

For compatibility reasons, the Unicode standard says that representations prior to 5.1 should be handled as well. But if I type, say, NA + VIRAMA + ZWJ, I don't see a "chillu na" on my screen, but a "na with virama"; in other words, when I type the ZWJ it doesn't change anything. Is it because the older representation isn't implemented in my font? Could anybody who has a dinosaurian Malayalam font tell me if he sees a "chillu na" below?


Thanks in advance.



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