[XeTeX] Free Erler Dingbats Unicode font

R (Chandra) Chandrasekhar chandra at swanlotus.com
Thu Nov 17 03:12:28 CET 2011

Dear Folks,

I have just received an email about a free Unicode font: Erler Dingbat. 
The web page at


states, inter alia,

---- Quote ----

For the first time in the entire history of Unicode standard, the full 
encoding range for dingbats (U + 2700 – U + 27BF) is now covered by a 
complete, contemporary quality font. Erler Dingbats is a spin-off of the 
distinguished FF Dingbats 2.0 family, and was designed as a special 
collaboration between designers Johannes Erler and Henning Skibbe.


To help support and encourage the use of the Unicode standard, publisher 
FSI FontShop International is giving away the Erler Dingbats completely 
free of charge.


FSI invites not only private users, but also OS developers, to include 
the Erler Dingbats in their font collection.

---- Unquote ----

Perhaps these fonts could be made available to the TeX community as 
suggested above. Hence this email.


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