[XeTeX] How to Convert Devanagari (sanskrit) text to Telugu Text

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Fri Nov 4 01:19:15 CET 2011

Am 04.11.2011 um 00:04 schrieb A u:

> I am attaching the tex file that I am working with along with pdf output and log file.

You would have found the cause of the failures if would have looked into the LOG file...

Firstly you are obviously using TeX Live 2010. So installing the teckit files in TeX Live 2011 could not yield much. Which the LOG file reports (at line #446:

	Font mapping `devtel.tec' for font `Pothana2000 ' not found.)

XeLaTeX, and *every* other programme, cannot find a file that does not exist. Didn't you attach "devtotel" named files? And the effective TEC file did not exist when you did run XeLaTeX because it was created due to the polluted and therefore faulty MAP file.

Secondly the LOG file records:

	Missing character: There is no ध in font Pothana2000 /ICU:script=telu;language=DFLT;mapping=devtel;;!

This is just a faulty error, because due to the first error XeLaTeX was indeed using the originally used Devanagari characters and not Telugu.

A bit of accuracy would have saved you some days of whatever.


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