[XeTeX] Hyperref \hyperlink and \hypertarget not working with accented characters

Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
Thu Nov 3 02:55:41 CET 2011

Hi Phil,

On 03/11/2011, at 10:26 AM, Philip TAYLOR (Webmaster, Ret'd) wrote:

>  And when
> I added a throw-away line to the effect that Heiko,
> as well as Adobe, need to put US ASCII behind them
> and move into the 21st Century

Unless you have actually read the PDF specs, you really
are not qualified to make such a statement.

Adobe *does* support Unicode, in many different ways,
both in Content and in identifiers, as my previous post shows. 

It just doesn't support UTF8 bytes directly in Name strings,
which seems to be what you are complaining about.
But such direct support is simply not possible, within
files that contain both data and programming constructs,
without employing some kind of "escaping" technique.
There have to be some characters that are treated specially,
to avoid problems with delimiters, and allow for alternative 
ways of referring to extra characters.
Every programming language that I've ever seen has this kind
of feature, somewhere within its rule set.

Adobe have chosen their rules, and they work very when
*when you follow those rules*.
PDF is a published ISO Spec. so anyone can read it,
and implement it, or try to determine what is wrong
when things do not go as hoped for.

> (as DEK did in 1990,
> after FMi and others made representations to him
> concerning the need for TeX to support a character
> set that include at least the basic Western diacritics),
> again there is no disrespect, either explicit or
> implied.  I am sure that Heiko was not offended, and
> if he was, he has full access to my personal mailbox
> and is welcome at any time to complain if he feels that
> I have failed to show the respect he clearly deserves.
> ** Phil.

Hope this helps,


(Sorry Arthur, for adding to this thread.
Hopefully this will be the last of it, until someone looks
at the apparent failure to follow the spec that I identified
in my previous message.)

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