[XeTeX] Oldstyle figures in seperate file

Wolfgang Keller feliphil at gmx.net
Tue May 10 18:31:13 CEST 2011


Probably I mis-explained my objective...

> I'd use another font instance for the small caps and the old-style  
> figures

The point is that I already _have_ the oldstyle figures in another font
file. And I _don't_ want _another_ font instance just for oldstyle

> and use this font to set the small caps and the old-style  
> figures with. As in:
> This text is set in the main font, which stems from the year  
> \OSF{194711}.

My point was that I want to _avoid_ having to type extra \foo{}s around
all numbers.

- Oldstyle numbers are in a seperate font file
- I want to use them just "as if" they were available through
\setmainfont[..., Numbers={Proportional,OldStyle}]{foo}

Is there any way to do this with XeTeX? If so, how?




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