[XeTeX] Oldstyle figures in seperate file

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Fri May 6 00:55:36 CEST 2011

Am 05.05.2011 um 21:22 schrieb William Adams:

> Make a virtual font.

This would work with pdfTeX but not with XeTeX, which does not  
understand this concept of 7-bit or 8-bit fonts with real crazy  

I'd use another font instance for the small caps and the old-style  
figures and use this font to set the small caps and the old-style  
figures with. As in:

	This text is set in the main font, which stems from the year  

This way chosen font variants (bold, italic, bold-italic) would be  
applied to the small caps and the old-style figures as well.

This would work when the OSF font files encode the small caps where  
the normal letters are and the old style figures where the digits are.  
Otherwise it can become a bit complicated, with two new font  
instances: one, which activates the small caps and one, which  
activates the old style figures; and then having \OSF{194711} and also  
\SC{Small Caps}.

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