[XeTeX] XeLaTeX in Emacs AUCTeX problem

Christoph Unger christoph-kuelvi_unger at sil.org
Wed Mar 30 17:17:18 CEST 2011

I have a question that I am not quite sure where to ask. I am editing
my xelatex documents normally in Emacs.app 23 running in Terminal.app
on MacOSX 10.5 and it has been working fine. Recently, I deprecated
Fink (using MacPorts only now) and installed TeXLive 2010 through MacTex 2010
and removed my earlier TeXLive 2008 installation (not MaCTeX). I now
have the following problem:

1. Running Emacs.app -nw in terminal, and Emacs.app with GUI does not
run xelatex (or xetex), complaining that the command was not found.
2. Using Aquamacs with the same .emacs file and custamizations,
xelatex works fine.

Obviously, this must be a PATH related problem, but the PATH seems to
be fine. Here is the result of 'echo $PATH':


So /usr/texbin is in the path, and therefore Emacs.app should find the
programs just as Aquamacs does. But it doesn't. 

Typing the commands 'xelatex' and 'xetex' in the
terminal does run the commands. However, 'whereis xetex' doesn't give
a result, but 'which xetex' gives the result '/usr/texbin/xetex' (and
likewise for 'xelatex'). 

Where can I look to find out what the problem is?


Dr. Christoph Unger
SIL International 
Hammerhof 23
67308 Albisheim
Phone: +49 6355 989939

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