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Thanks you all.

What I want is to make the word google clickable not the page.
Suppose we have an index with word appearing only once.

ask jeeves

I may look into glossary instead of index ?


> Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2011 17:31:41 +0100
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> Dear Houda,
> Quoting houda araj (h_araj at hotmail.com):
> > What is the syntax to make every word in the index clickable so one can navigate from index words to the text ?
> > 
> > Should we put instruction before each word in the index ?
> > 
> >  \hyperlink{\index}{Google} Recherche de \hyperlink{\index}{blogs} est l'application de la \hyperlink{\index}{technologie de recherche} Google aux blogs. Google est un fervent défenseur du mouvement d'auto-publication que représentent les blogs. Nous espérons que Google Recherche de blogs aidera nos utilisateurs.
> It's rather
> Google\index}{Google} Recherche de blogs\index{blog} est l'application de
> la technologie de recherche\index{technologie de recherche} Google aux
> blogs. [...]
> The \index{text} command marks a place on the page (I do not remember if
> you better choose the end or the beginning of the word or phrase you really
> want marked), and saves its page number together with the word 'text'
> (which does not need to be the same as the printed word!). Those lines
> (text plus page number) are written to a special file, which then can be
> processed (sorted, and entries for the same text combined) by makeindex or
> one of its sibling programs. This program's output then can be included in
> the next (Xe)(La)TeX run. The word (text) won't be klickable, but with
> hypertext the page numbers should be.
> The \hyperlink command works in the opposite direction. It makes the word
> (in place) klickable and points *away* from there, whereas the \index
> command creates something that points *towards* the place where that
> command was used.
> Hope that helps,
> 	Susan
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