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Susan Dittmar Susan.Dittmar at gmx.de
Wed Mar 9 17:31:41 CET 2011

Dear Houda,

Quoting houda araj (h_araj at hotmail.com):
> What is the syntax to make every word in the index clickable so one can navigate from index words to the text ?
> Should we put instruction before each word in the index ?
>  \hyperlink{\index}{Google} Recherche de \hyperlink{\index}{blogs} est l'application de la \hyperlink{\index}{technologie de recherche} Google aux blogs. Google est un fervent défenseur du mouvement d'auto-publication que représentent les blogs. Nous espérons que Google Recherche de blogs aidera nos utilisateurs.

It's rather

Google\index}{Google} Recherche de blogs\index{blog} est l'application de
la technologie de recherche\index{technologie de recherche} Google aux
blogs. [...]

The \index{text} command marks a place on the page (I do not remember if
you better choose the end or the beginning of the word or phrase you really
want marked), and saves its page number together with the word 'text'
(which does not need to be the same as the printed word!). Those lines
(text plus page number) are written to a special file, which then can be
processed (sorted, and entries for the same text combined) by makeindex or
one of its sibling programs. This program's output then can be included in
the next (Xe)(La)TeX run. The word (text) won't be klickable, but with
hypertext the page numbers should be.

The \hyperlink command works in the opposite direction. It makes the word
(in place) klickable and points *away* from there, whereas the \index
command creates something that points *towards* the place where that
command was used.

Hope that helps,


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