[XeTeX] 64.bit XeTex was::Re: Trying to build microtype-aware xetex

Stephen Moye stephenmoye at mac.com
Wed Aug 31 17:33:25 CEST 2011

On Aug 31, 2011, at 10:50 AM, Jonathan Kew wrote:

> On 31 Aug 2011, at 14:30, Peter Dyballa wrote:
>>> In other words, xe(la)tex would be the way to go. For awhile. 
>> And therefore keep old versions of Mac OS X! Leopard and Snow Leopard are OK (it depends on the hardware it will run on: Mac OS X must be younger than the hardware or it won't run on something it does not know). You can either clone your recent installation onto a smaller external disk, connected through FireWire, because this enables the Mac to boot from it, or onto an extra internal disk (when you're using a desk-side computer), or you can try to create a virtual instance of a Mac OS X version in which XeTeX is supported.
> Why, is there a problem with running the current (Intel build of) xetex on 10.7? I wasn't aware of this.
> Seems like you're introducing unnecessary complication and confusion....
> JK

I have only just tuned back in to this discussion, which I confess to having started by noting that I was having a problem compiling XeTeX under the new Xcode, specifically the branch of XeTeX development that was compatible with microtype,sty. I have since found out that the current version of XeTeX in TL2011 has this compatibility. I certainly never said anything whatsoever about a 64bit XeTeX or trying to compile one.

But the question remains: How can one compile XeTeX with the new Xcode? I gave an error message in my original post, but I can't seem to locate that right now.

In any event, XeLaTeX/microtype/protrusion is working just fine, and looks great -- so I'm happy.


Stephen Moye

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