[XeTeX] Font Warning Font shape Vollkorn it undefined

Jonathan Kew jfkthame at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 26 17:24:14 CEST 2010

On 26 Oct 2010, at 15:19, Pander wrote:
>> $ fc-list |grep -i vollkorn
>> Vollkorn,Vollkorn Regular:style=Regular
>> Vollkorn,Vollkorn Bold Italic:style=Bold Italic,Regular
>> Vollkorn,Vollkorn Bold:style=Bold,Regular
>> Vollkorn,Vollkorn Italic:style=Italic,Regular

The fact that all faces have the style name "Regular" (in addition to whatever other style name they have) seems wrong, and might well be causing problems.

The fact that they seem to have multiple, non-matching family names might also be a problem. No wonder xetex gets confused.....

(It might be possible to set things up using full names or PostScript names and explicitly specifying each of the style variants, using fontspec's BoldFont=..., ItalicFont=.... etc options, to work around the ambiguous naming in the fonts themselves.)


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