[XeTeX] (Xe)LaTeX output in a non-(Xe)LaTeX scholarly community

jherrman at allegheny.edu jherrman at allegheny.edu
Fri Oct 22 17:36:38 CEST 2010

I'm a classicist editing Greek texts and I also recently found OUP
willing to let me set my own book with XeTeX and submit PDF to
them. It wasn't hard to convince them at all, actually, since it looks
good and saves them time and production expense. The production
process went really smoothly, all in all.

For articles and collaborative work, on the other hand, I use XeTeX
until the final phase and then generate a plain text version with
pdftotext, and use OpenOffice to manually reformat everything. It's
annoying, but I can usually fix up a doc version of an article or
chapter in an hour or two at most. It's much easier now with utf Greek

Jud Herrman

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