[XeTeX] wrong kerning and slow processing with xelatex in texlive 2010

Jonathan Kew jfkthame at googlemail.com
Wed Oct 13 19:51:59 CEST 2010

On 13 Oct 2010, at 16:51, Vadim Radionov wrote:

>> Are all those lookup tables assigned to the 'kern' feature within the same script and language system? If so, then they're cumulative. If the lookups are each assigned to a different script/language, then they shouldn't all be applied at the same time.
> Thank you, Jonathan,
> Yes, they were assigned to the same script/language.  But I checked in
> the original vendor's font and the kerning table was different there,
> so i must have spoiled it myself somehow.
> May I ask another question: what is the correct relative order of
> applying smcp and liga features? In my font "fismall" and "flsmall"
> are not set as substitutions for "fi" and "fl" in small caps, which
> results in lowercase ligated fi and fl in small caps context.

Lookups are applied in the order they occur in the font; therefore, you should normally ensure the lookup(s) for 'smcp' are placed before those for the 'fi' and 'fl' ligatures.


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