[XeTeX] wrong kerning and slow processing with xelatex in texlive 2010

Vadim Radionov vadim.radionov at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 17:51:48 CEST 2010

> Are all those lookup tables assigned to the 'kern' feature within the same script and language system? If so, then they're cumulative. If the lookups are each assigned to a different script/language, then they shouldn't all be applied at the same time.

Thank you, Jonathan,

Yes, they were assigned to the same script/language.  But I checked in
the original vendor's font and the kerning table was different there,
so i must have spoiled it myself somehow.

May I ask another question: what is the correct relative order of
applying smcp and liga features? In my font "fismall" and "flsmall"
are not set as substitutions for "fi" and "fl" in small caps, which
results in lowercase ligated fi and fl in small caps context.


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