[XeTeX] input from character viewer?

Elliott Roper elliott at yrl.co.uk
Wed Oct 6 23:21:18 CEST 2010

On 6 Oct 2010, at 20:02, McCollum, Adam wrote:

> Dear list members,
> I hope this question isn't too far afield for the list.
> I use TeXworks with Mac OS 10.6. When I try to enter something from the Character Viewer in TeXworks, nothing happens, but if I enter something from the Character Viewer in another application, such as TextEdit, I can copy from there and paste it into TeXworks and whatever I have copied shows up properly. Is there a reason that Character Viewer is not inputting directly into TeXworks?

I'm getting something similar from Aquamacs. Insert with font never works. It usually works if I drag the character out of Character Viewer's Character Info well onto the Aquamacs frame. Sometimes Aquamacs beachballs. Sometimes nothing happens. Sometimes Aquamacs displays a hollow square even though the character exists in Aquamacs current face. It comes out OK on the other side of XeTeX but it is a little less than satisfactory. C-x = shows the proper character is in the buffer, but it takes the shine off unicode-math direct unicode input.

(Pause to read Herb's mail)

Yep, Herb. You nailed it. Aquamacs too has carbon framework open. TeXShop does a much better job of displaying unusual Unicode characters. Tough call? I'll stick with Aquamacs for the editing sophistication and use a mix of standard TeX math sequences and whatever Unicode comes out of my favourite® latin-1-prefix input method in Emacs. Apple's Character Viewer is a bit of a clunker ⌘!
It is OK dragging from Favourites, but anything else is way more consuming than letting Emacs complete code points by name or number. For example, C-x 8 <RET> 21ea gives me a ⇪ with far less consumption of screen real estate.

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