[XeTeX] input from character viewer?

Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
Wed Oct 6 22:31:51 CEST 2010

Hello Adam,

On 07/10/2010, at 6:02 AM, McCollum, Adam wrote:

> Dear list members,
> I hope this question isn't too far afield for the list.

No; there are a lot of Mac users on this list.
Remember, XeTeX was born on a Mac.
> I use TeXworks with Mac OS 10.6. When I try to enter something from the Character Viewer in TeXworks, nothing happens, but if I enter something from the Character Viewer in another application, such as TextEdit, I can copy from there and paste it into TeXworks and whatever I have copied shows up properly.

I find that the Character Palette is unreliable for Copy/Paste.
Sometimes it works, other times not.

There is a nifty application called  UnicodeChecker  that I use
for this. The Character Palette is often better to find what you want,
but has a large window that gets in the way, unless minimised.
Then go to UnicodeChecker and input the code-point in its find-box.
(This supports Decimal, Hex or UTF-8.)

UnicodeChecker is smaller and concentrates on displaying single 
characters with choice of font, and a list of those nearby, 
as well as other info that Characters does not supply. 
You can Copy/Paste from it just fine --- but often you'll need the 
target application to have a "Paste and Match Style" facility.

It was mentioned on this list, or the MacOS X TeX list,
about a year ago (I think it was).
You should be able to find it with Google.

> Is there a reason that Character Viewer is not inputting directly into TeXworks?

Sorry -- not my expertise to answer this. 
Herb gave a possible reason.

> Thanks!
> Adam McCollum, Ph.D.

Hope this helps,


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