[XeTeX] IPA superscript diacritics

Philip Taylor (Webmaster, Ret'd) P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Sun Nov 7 00:30:31 CET 2010

I can't reproduce the problem here.  I processed your
source file using XeLaTeX, opened the resulting PDF
in Adobe Acrobat Reader 9, copied the entire text,
pasted it into WordPad, selected each superscript
in turn, and used each in a Ctrl-F "Find" dialogue :
only the superscript was found in each case, not
the similar-looking normal character.

Philip Taylor (Win/XP; SP3)
Kevin Russell wrote:
> I'm attaching a LaTeX file and the resulting PDF (from MacTeX2008).
> The problem is that the text:
> [tʰ] should not be [th], nor [mʲ] like [mj], or [kʷ] like [kw].
> gets treated (copy-and-pasted, screen-read) by the PDF viewers as:
> [th] should not be [th], nor [mj] like [mj], or [kw] like [kw].
> The Unicode character for IPA diacritic ʰ shouldn't be treated as ASCII
> h in superscript any more than Cyrillic н should be treated as ASCII h
> in small caps.
> After more poking around, the problem seems to be in the PDF viewers and
> I'd guess that XeLaTeX has put the right Unicode characters into the
> file. Mac Preview claims to find two instances of "[th]" while also
> claiming to find one instance of "[tʰ]", though it fails to highlight
> it. Adobe Reader claims to find two instances of both "[th]" and "[tʰ]",
> but highlights apparently at random. Skim finds only "[th]". All three
> viewers act the same way for a PDF file (using Gentium) exported from
> OpenOffice.
> -- Kevin Russell
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