[XeTeX] Absence of ligatures

Khaled Hosny khaledhosny at eglug.org
Wed Jun 9 22:09:22 CEST 2010

On Wed, Jun 09, 2010 at 08:50:55PM +0100, José Carlos Santos wrote:
> On 09-06-2010 20:46, José Carlos Santos wrote:
> >>>>>I have been working on a text whose main font is DTL Unico:
> >>>>>
> >>>>>http://www.dutchtypelibrary.nl/Unico_rdrct.html
> >>>>>
> >>>>>I have just noticed that the "fi" and "fl" ligatures are not
> >>>>>created. To be more precise: if I compile this document:
> >>>>>
> >>>>>\documentclass{article}
> >>>>>\pagestyle{empty}
> >>>>>\usepackage{xltxtra}
> >>>>>\begin{document}
> >>>>>\Huge
> >>>>>\fontspec{DTLUnicoST}
> >>>>>fi fl
> >>>>>\end{document}
> >>>>>
> >>>>>I don't get the ligatures that I should get. Am I doing something
> >>>>>wrong? Or could it be a flaw within the fonts that I am using?
> >>>>
> >>>>Either the font lacks proper OpenType layout code, or you need to
> >>>>explicitly select certain OpenType script/language, you can try setting
> >>>>Language=Latin, Language=Default, Script=Latin or any combination of
> >>>>them and if it works.
> >>>
> >>>Thanks for the reply. Can you please tell me how should I set, say,
> >>>Language=Latin?
> >>
> >>The same way you set Liagtures=Common.
> >
> >Thanks. I tried every combination that I could think of and worked.
> Oops! I meant to write "and it did not work" here.

If you have otfinfo command line tool (included in texlive), you can

otfinfo -s /path/to/font.otf

Where '/path/to/font.otf' is the full path to your font file, It should
list font supported scripts and languages, then try:

otfinfo --script=SCRIPT -f /path/to/font.otf

Where SCRIPT is one of the returned values of the first command. This
should show what script/language/feature combinations supported by the


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