[XeTeX] catcodes of superscripts, etc.

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 1 07:24:29 CEST 2010

(Sorry for the cross-posting, but this seems of very minor possible interest to a few different people.)

Hi Jonathan,

I've just noticed that catcodes of superscript i and n have catcode 11, as do the latin & greek subscripts. (Code points appended.)

I'm going to change this in unicode-math (so they're all cc12), but do you think this is something that should be changed in the ini file?

(I'll check this with LuaTeX, too.) 

The reason it's a problem is that users try to write things like $\Cⁿ$ and the expected behaviour, well, isn't.

Many thanks,
-- Will

2071 {i}
207f {n}

2090 {a}
2091 {e}
1d62 {i}
2092 {o}
1d63 {r}
1d64 {u}
1d65 {v}
2093 {x}
1d66 {\beta}
1d67 {\gamma}
1d68 {\rho}
1d69 {\phi}
1d6a {\chi}

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