[XeTeX] Japanese, Chinese, Korean support for Polyglossia

Ryo IGARASHI rigarash at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 01:47:47 CEST 2010


2010/7/26 Wilfred van Rooijen <wvanrooijen at yahoo.com>:
> Do you want documents written in English or is Japanese also OK? In the latter case, you could try to find JIS X 4051, which is the document underlying the material on the website reported earlier. I have google'd JIS X 4051, some references popped up, but the document itself seems to be not available online.

Well, you can 'view' freely JIS X 4051 documents as follows.

1. Go to Japanese Industrial Standards Committee webpage.

2. Search X4051 document.
Put 'X4051' to uppermost textbox and click button.

3. Click 'JISX4051' link.

4. Click 4 PDF files at the top.

Note that these PDF files prohibit to copy text, search inside, save, print.
JIS stands for "Japan Industrial Standards". As same as ISO documents
and ANSI documents,
unfortunately these standards are not free.

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