[XeTeX] Adobe Kepler Std: Extraneous space always inserted between left paren and f

Arno Trautmann arno.trautmann at gmx.de
Sun Feb 21 13:44:35 CET 2010

On 02/21/2010 09:55 AM, John Was wrote:
> Hello
> I strongly suspect it's in the kerning table of the font since Adobe's
> Minion Pro exhibits this to a small extent also (the visual effect isn't
> as much as a full space, but the parentheses are definitely too far from
> the adjacent character).  Perhaps something of a blindspot in whoever
> sets up the kerinng of Adobe's font (in Minion the spacing round the
> apostrophe is another flaw, rather worse than the parenthesis issue). 
> In view of the fact that one isn't supposed to tinker with these
> commercial fonts, I've several times asked if one might have a custom
> ligature option in XeTeX that could be included in the font calls, so
> that just as one can say 'mapping=tex-text' one could say e.g.
> 'kerns=kernfile.KRN', the .KRN file containing any extra tweaks to the
> kerning that one cares to add, so that the font itself is left
> untouched.  This is possible in at least one implementation of TeX, but
> not (yet) in XeTeX - I think a few people at least said in the earlier
> thread that they would find it useful but I guess it hasn't been seen as
> a high priority.

Well, I’d really like that feature! I didn’t know that was possible at
all. What implementation are you talking about?

>  It is a nuisance, though, as you say, if an otherwise
> attractive font becomes unusable.

Yes, indeed. Maybe you could tweak the problem using the
XeTeXinterchartok mechanism. That would not be a very elaborate
solution, but it should work.


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