[XeTeX] mathspec and arabxetex issues

Meho R. meho_r at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 20 10:55:38 CET 2010

Tried that, didn't work. Only after commenting the line \RequirePackage{amsmath} and loading amsmath "manually" in the Preamble (of course, before mathspec and bidi) things work and no error message appears.

I personally don't find it hard (provided I know what should be changed and where; reading your previous post was pure luck), but Peter is right: it may be not so easy on some platforms and in cases where users do not have administrative privileges to do the necessary changes. And there are automatic updates through package manager which may wipe out any change done to the actual file (in case changes are made to original .sty files, and not created custom ones with different names).

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You just need to call bidi as your last package in arabxetex.sty. Honestly, this is not too difficult to do and I do not understand why some people find it hard.

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