[XeTeX] Segmentation fault error in xdvipdfmx 0.7.8 with CharisSIL 4.106

Mike Maxwell maxwell at umiacs.umd.edu
Sun Feb 14 00:50:20 CET 2010

Jonathan Kew wrote:
> As for xdvipdfmx, I just downloaded the TL'09 .iso, and confirmed that 
> it has v0.7.8, as shown by xdvipdfmx -h:
>   $ /Volumes/TeXLive2009/bin/universal-darwin/xdvipdfmx -h
>   This is xdvipdfmx-0.7.8 by Jonathan Kew and Jin-Hwan Cho,
>   an extended version of DVIPDFMx, which in turn was
>   an extended version of dvipdfm-0.13.2c developed by Mark A. Wicks.

OK, I downloaded the .iso.xz, and did all the good stuff to it.  I found 
the problem.  The i386-linux version (32-bit) is indeed v0.7.8 (dated 2 
October 09).  HOWEVER, the 64-bit Linux version in bin/x86-64-linux/ is 
the old v0.7.7 dating from 18 Sept 09.

And for some reason that's the only directory under texlive/2009/bin/ in 
our installation.  I guess there must have been some option when we 
installed it to choose the 64-bit versions of everything.  If that's the 
case, maybe I can persuade our systems folks to do a re-installation, 
making the 32-bit versions visible too.

OTOH, any chance of making a new 64-bit version of xdvipdfmx available? 
  (Assuming the other files in the 64-bit version are up-to-date.  xetex 
is also dated 18 Sept, but you said that the version # on that was ok. 
There are lots of other programs with older dates, but maybe they don't 
    Mike Maxwell
    What good is a universe without somebody around to look at it?
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