[XeTeX] Japanese Characters in PDF do not match thosein source file.

Andrew A. Adams aaa at meiji.ac.jp
Tue Aug 24 09:54:29 CEST 2010

Andy Lin wrote:
> Could it be possible you have two copies of IPAMincho in your
> system/texpath right now? This has been known to result in issues such
> as incorrect glyphs showing up in the output, as in your case.

The prize goes to Andy Lin for the simplest solution and the weirdest 
behaviour of a program I've seen in a while. There were indeed three, not 
just two, copies of the font on my system. I had one in my local .fonts 
directory and removed that yesterday, but it didn't seem to help. Today I did 
a check again and found that two copies were in separate subdirectories in 
/usr/share/fonts (japanese and IPA). I deleted one of the two and 
lo-and-behold, I get the attached pdf.

Thank you all for your suggestions. Please remember this gotcha for anyone 
having similar problems in future: do a search for the font file and delete 
duplicates from anywhere XeTeX might find them, particularly from two places 
in /usr/share/fonts.

Seems like an odd error to be caused, though perhaps they were slight 
variants of the fonts and the xdvipdfmx and acrobat reader were finding the 
different ones with separate glyph indices or something.

Once more, thanks for all the help and suggestions. Now back to writing weird 
papers mixing Japanese text into my English. For those wishing to see the 
type of thing I'm using this for, please look at:


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