[XeTeX] OldStyle Numbers not changeable to Lining Numbers

Georg A. Duffner g.duffner at gmail.com
Tue Aug 17 12:11:28 CEST 2010

Peter Baker wrote:

>> The various OpenType
> features are supposed to do this:
> lnum (Lining Numbers) converts oldstyle-height numbers to full-height
> tnum (Tabular Numbers) converts proportional-width numbers to fixed-width
> pnum (Proportional Numbers) converts fixed-width numbers to
> proportional-width
> onum (Old-Style numbers) converts full-height numbers to oldstyle-height
> The trouble is, the lookups are ordered exactly as above. So lnum
> (Lining Numbers) can *never* be invoked, since it can operate only on
> one.oldstyle or one.taboldstyle, which can only be produced by lookups
> that come later in the sequence. Likewise, tnum (Tabular Numbers) can
> never be invoked. pnum is supposed to convert one to one.fitted or
> one.taboldstyle to one.oldstyle, but the latter of these can never be
> invoked. Finally onum, being last in the list, works as expected,
> converting either one to one.taboldstyle or one.fitted to one.oldstyle.
This seems indeed to be the problem. I have put the features in a new 
order and this solved the issue. You may try it at 
If there’s interest I can fix the other font files too. Later today I 
will file a bug on sourceforge.


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