[XeTeX] Lone period "." problem

Ron Aaron ron at ronware.org
Tue Aug 10 21:21:02 CEST 2010

Hi, all --

I am seeing, on occasion, a lone period on a line by itself.  This seems to happen when:

1) The text is RTL (e.g. \beginR...\endR)
2) The last character before the period is a final parenthesis ")"

In this case, the parenthesis ends up as the last character of the previous line and the period is the lone character on the next line.

I've tried setting "\sfcode`)=0" in the Hebrew text box, but that doesn't fix anything.  Any ideas?  Is there an XeTeX specific setting to deal with this sort of thing?

The English text doesn't seem to ever have this problem.

Thank you,

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