[XeTeX] Greek hyphenation in xetex

David Perry hospes.primus at verizon.net
Sun Apr 25 13:46:49 CEST 2010

Thanks to all who replied.

Nikos Platis wrote:
> As others have mentioned, you probably do not need nothing more than
> activating the required hyphenation patterns from the MikTeX settings.
> The reason that different entries exist for ancient (polytonic) and
> modern (monotonic) greek exist is that there are slight differences in
> some rules between the two "grammars"; so even if monotonic greek can
> be considered a subset of polytonic, it wouldn't be hyphenated the
> same all the time.
Yes, I know this.  I use polyglossia as people have suggested, and it 
does work; I just wanted to be sure that I was doing the best/most 
recent/most correct for xetex thing, and to understand why there may be 
different hyphenation files out there.

Khaled Hosny wrote:
 >> This is a bit of a puzzle since the preamble loads polyglossia, not 
 > Bebel hyphenation patters are loaded in the format, and polyglossia
 > actually use it. AFAIK, all TeX hyphenation patterns are now available
 > in UTF-8 encoding for Unicode aware TeX engines.

Thank you -- this answers that part of my question.


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