[XeTeX] Conjunct consonants in devanagari

Yves Codet ycodet at club-internet.fr
Fri Sep 11 10:24:39 CEST 2009


An easy way to do this is to download XeTeX_doc.zip on this page:


If you typeset AAT-info.tex or OpenType-info.tex, depending on the  
kind of font you want to test, you'll get a list of the features  
available in the font.

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Le 9 sept. 09 à 19:06, Robert Zydenbos a écrit :

> Jonathan Kew schreef:
>> [...]
>> I guess you're using the Devanagari MT font that is included with  
>> OS X? In that case, try:
>>  \setmainfont[RawFeature={Conjuncts=Additional Conjuncts}] 
>> {Devanagari MT}
>> [...]
>> No. It depends on having support in the font, and the Devanagari MT  
>> font on OS X does not provide this particular form by default, but  
>> does enable it via the Additional Conjuncts feature.
> Great information! Amazingly, such additional conjuncts work in  
> XeTeX and not in the word processors I use.
> Now for a general question: is there any way to see just what  
> special features are included in a font? Several times, I've seen  
> examples of the beautiful things that are possible with XeTeX (and  
> sometimes with costly DTP software) and that demand that the user  
> indicates what special features are to be used -- but this  
> presupposes that one knows (a) what special features exist, (b) what  
> they are called / how they are invoked.
> Is there any simple way of finding out?
> RZ

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