[XeTeX] Strange problem with 0.996 and 0.9995 xetex and File Names.

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Sep 4 23:55:27 CEST 2009

    > Someone on the TeXShop Forum came up with a rather strange problem  
    > using either xetex 0.996 (or 0.9995 in the TL-2009 pretest)  
    > involving file names with spaces in them. Using a file with name  
    > `Summary II.tex' the following error was generated
    > ! I can't find file `"Summary II.texSELFAUTOPARENT"'.
    > <*> "Summary II.tex"SELFAUTOPARENT

FWIW, both

xetex "Summary II"
xetex "Summary II.tex"

work fine for me on i386-linux.  But they do indeed fail for me on
universal-darwin; I get
  ! I can't find file Summary II.texTEXMF"'
instead of SELFAUTOPARENT, but same difference.

I doubt it is anything about texmf.cnf; can't imagine what it would be.
My guess is that there is some kind of strange bug in the space-handling
code and/or mallocs, and it gets exposed on macosx for some reason.

Or else a compiler bug.  Dick, can you reproduce?  Can you try compiling
without any optimization?


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