[XeTeX] installation problem with livetex2008

وفا خلیقی vafakh9 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 06:51:37 CET 2009

1- If you have installed TeXLive 2008, then you should be fine with Persian
typesetting since it includes v0.999.6 of xetex. But the latest version of
xetex is 0.999.7 but I do not think you would need 0.999.7 if you already
have installed TeXLive 2008 which includes v0.999.6

2- In case you have v0.999.6 and you want to get v0.999.7 of xetex, there is
no need to compile the source. Make sure you have rsync installed and then
open a terminal and write:

$ sudo  rsync -av rsync://

now, you have got the latest version of xetex.

3- If you really want to install xetex from the source, follow the
instructions at


NOTE: the binaries (TeXLive's ones) should exist in your bin directory like
/usr/bin or /usr/local/bin if you do the last step which is "sh

Hope this helps

-- VK
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