[XeTeX] XeLaTeX and math --- a structural design query

Dave Walden dave.walden.family at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 14:29:47 CEST 2009

Ross Moore mentioned problems with author-generated figures.   Do you have

> any control over how figures are created?  Many publishers still want
> "EPS",
> by which they mean Adobe Illustrator files.  I find that older authors have
> some
> experience with EPS, but that it is a mystery to those who have only used
> MS Office.   PDF is much more accessible (everyone has a PDF viewer)
> so you should be prepared to consider a PDF workflow if EPS is not
> something your authors have experienced.

What I am about to say is independent of TeX/LaTeX.  My experience with
publishers/printers is that, if you are submitting ready-to-print files,
they are happy to accept a PDF file for the interior of the book and another
PDF file for the cover.  They don't care about source of the figures -- just
about whether they have enough resolution (which shouldn't be a problem if
you are talking about line drawings done with vector graphics) and if the
fonts from the figures as well as for the main text are embedded in the PDF
file for the book.  If the publisher is going to typeset the book, then they
typically have a spec listing the formats they can deal with.
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