[XeTeX] Xetex and Komascript Compatibility

Peter Seibel peter at gigamonkeys.com
Sat Jun 13 23:37:44 CEST 2009

On Sat, Jun 13, 2009 at 4:50 AM, Jonathan Kew<jfkthame at googlemail.com> wrote:
> On 12 Jun 2009, at 15:21, Peter Seibel wrote:
>> On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 2:44 AM, Peter Dyballa<Peter_Dyballa at web.de>
>> wrote:
>>> Am 12.06.2009 um 08:17 schrieb teginch at bluewin.ch:
>>>> 2. Does anybody have some suggestions for a fix or workaround ?
>>> You mean the over-full box? Change the text, change the font, change the
>>> width of text (no textarea, but geometry), apply more kerning, remove the
>>> unbreakable space characters.
>> You can also look at the .log file and check that TeX isn't missing a
>> chance to hyphenate. Look at the last word of the overfull line in the
>> log and TeX will show you where it could be hyphenated
> Actually, this isn't true when using xelatex with opentype fonts (rather
> than old-style .tfm files).... because of the different way text is handled,
> you won't see potential hyphenation points in the overfull (or underfull)
> box messages. Similarly, the plain TeX \showhyphens macro won't work in this
> mode.
> There was some discussion of this on the mailing list long ago... I can't
> remember offhand whether Will provided a xetex-compatible reimplementation
> of \showhyphens in one of his packages.

Hmmm. The only way I knew/thought it showed the hyphens is because
that's how I had resolved some of my overfull hbox errors and I
thought I was using OpenType fonts. Weird.


Peter Seibel

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