[XeTeX] Document Class: xetexCV

Rob Oakes LyX-Devel at oak-tree.us
Wed Dec 2 17:01:34 CET 2009

Dear XeTeX Mailing List Members,

I recently finished a first draft of curiculum vitae class for XeTeX,
called xetexCV.  As this might be of interest for some members of the
list, I thought that I would send a brief overview.  For the curious, an
example document can be found at:

xetexCV is built on the the example published at Dario Taraborelli's
website: http://nitens.org/taraborelli/cvtex  It's been designed to
compile with XeTeX and makes use of OpenType fonts by default.

The document class also comes with an optional style called cvsplitbib,
which allows for categorized bibliographies to be generated
automatically from a BibTeX database.

You can find an overview of the document class and basic use at:

A review of the code and thoughts on creating a document class is also

Finally, the instructions for automatically generating a publications
list from a BibTeX file are found at:

The document class is released under the LGPL license.  In addition to
the files on my website, you can also access the source code at:

or at Launchpad:

If you discover any problems with the class, I would be very grateful to
hear about them.  Or, if you find it useful, I would enjoy hearing about
that too.


Rob Oakes

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