[XeTeX] OpenType fonts for Latvian: a short review

Kārlis Repsons karlis.repsons at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 16:50:16 CET 2009

On Sunday 29 November 2009 20:59:50 Arthur Reutenauer wrote:
>   By the way, since you're Latvian, I guess, the TeX Gyre team welcomes any
> comment you would have on the shapes of the glyphs in their fonts.  They're
> trying to cover as many languages as possible, but they need feedback :-)
>         Arthur

Today I decided to walk through my font options and evaluate their fitness for 
Latvian. Some of them are TeX Gyre ones [3], some of them I found thanks to 
this post:

On Sunday 29 November 2009 21:06:37 Gareth Hughes wrote:
> I did one of these for Latin-script fonts that can be found at
> http://www.garzo.co.uk/documents/freefonts.pdf.

Also some others from [1] and [2].


Tex Gyre:
Adventor: maybe ā should have _ moved more to right, but it looks strange, \/ 
on č, š is too wide!

Bonum: Hmmmm... Good!

Cursor: ā,ē, ī, Ī, Ē, ū, Ū have _ terribly wide! It seems, č š ž have \/ too 

Heros: good!!

Heros cn: small č has \/ too much left!

Pagella, Schola: č, š, ž \/ seems too big...

Termes: č, š, ž \/ too big and ā, ē, ū _ could be lower.


Gentium (GenAI102.TTF, GenAR102.TTF, GenI102.TTF, GenR102.TTF) are fine, but 
basic are missing some characters.
CharisSIL, DoulosSIL - fine.
However, it seems, č š ž have \/ too big.

Linux Libertine:
Acceptable, however, it would be better, to have _ lower for ā, ū and ē, also 
č š ž have \/ way too big.

Lavoisier: great!!

Lido STF: meant for newspaper, I liked; however, there is no Ī and č š ž have 
\/ too big.

Cardo: č, š, ž \/ too big and ā, ē, ū _ could be lower.


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