[XeTeX] Problem with xgreek

David Perry hospes.primus at verizon.net
Sun Aug 16 03:47:16 CEST 2009


You may have found this list because thre is a macro package for the 
XeTeX typesetting system named xgreek.  However, this is not what you 

There is another Xgreek, which is what you downloaded.  It seems to be a 
well-regarded piece of software, so I am not sure why you are 
experiencing such trouble.  But one suggestion (I use Macs only rarely):

Have you tried uninstalling Xgreek?  I recall that on Macs you normally 
install software by dragging the icon to the applications folder; is the 
normal way to uninstall to drag from applications to the trash?  Check 
the OS X help if you need to.  Also check with the developers of Xgreek 
about how to uninstall, if necessary.  And, as a last resort, do as 
Peter suggested and reinstall OS X.

If you have other questions about using Greek on the Mac, email me 
offlist.  OS X provides all you need without resorting to third-party 
software, unless you need to run old (non-Unicode) apps.


holisticharmony.com wrote:
> Dear Friend,
> May this find you well.
> You do not know me, but I have noticed from a few pages on the internet, 
> that you have a good knowledge of Mac.
> Perhaps you can help me.
> I have just purchased a new Mac Book Pro 2.4 GHz. Intel Core Duo. 
> Running with Mac OS X version 10.5.6.
> I made a mistake and ran Xgreek and it has interfered with Word, 
> disabling the Language Function and also the columns function. I can 
> right click on words to correct them but when I run the spell check, it 
> does not find correct words.
> Also I cannot regulate the columns.
> I have installed the system in the archive saving mode from the 
> installation disc, but this has not corrected the problem.
> I set up a new user and the partition and with the new user does *not 
> *have the same problem.
> I wonder if you know how I can remove Xgreek and its affects on my computer.
> Thank you and be well,
> Robert

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