[XeTeX] No Non-English Hyphenation

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Aug 10 02:08:06 CEST 2009

    Don't ask me why xetex and xelatex look for files in totally
    different folders

They don't.  That is, the search path/algorithm is not specific to any
particular engine.

    $ kpsewhere -engine=xelatex xelatex.fmt	// where the new ones ended up

I have never seen web2c/xelatex/xelatex.fmt before.  It would ordinarily
be web2c/xetex/xelatex.fmt, since the engine is xetex, not xelatex.
That's how the distributed fmtutil.cnf sets things up.  (Likewise for
pdftex/pdflatex, etc.)

By the way, you can discover all occurrences of a .fmt, regardless of
the engine name used, with, e.g.:
kpsewhich --engine=/ --all xelatex.fmt

I sometimes find that helpful for figuring out these sorts of problems.


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