[XeTeX] No Non-English Hyphenation

Sebastian Kosch koschsebastian at googlemail.com
Sun Aug 9 12:39:48 CEST 2009

On Sunday 09 August 2009 01:10:56 am Akira Kakuto wrote:
> > kpsewhich doesn't find the new ones in /web2c, so ...
> You need an option -engine=xetex.
> Try
> kpsewhich -engine=xetex xelatex.fmt
> Best,
> Akira

Ahhh ... thanks Akira! That's the missing link :-)
So turns out the new fmt file was created in some hidden folder in my home 
directory, while xelatex was still using the original (non-german) one. This 
weird discrepancy showed up calling this:

$ kpsewhere -engine=xetex xelatex.fmt	// where the old ones are
$ kpsewhere -engine=xelatex xelatex.fmt	// where the new ones ended up

Don't ask me why xetex and xelatex look for files in totally different folders 
(is this yet another fmtutil vs. fmtutil-sys thing? the latter doesn't work 
right on my system), but I'm happy now.

Thanks for your help, guys!

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