[XeTeX] No Non-English Hyphenation

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Sat Aug 8 18:08:07 CEST 2009

Am Fri, 7 Aug 2009 17:35:40 +0200 schrieb Sebastian Kosch:

> Hi,
> looking for help here: my xe(la)tex (a pretty fresh TexLive 2008 install on 
> Ubuntu) doesn't recognize any hyphenation patterns except the standard ones.
> Compiling a regular (or empty) document using the lines ...
>  \usepackage{polyglossia}
>  \setdefaultlanguage{german}
> ... results in:
>  Package polyglossia Warning: 
>  No hyphenation patterns were loaded for `ngerman'
>  (polyglossia)                I will use the patterns loaded for
>  \language=0
>  (polyglossia)                instead on input line 44.
>  Package polyglossia Warning:
>  \setlocalhyphenminuseless for unknown language
>  german on input line 159.
> Otherwise, the PDF renders fine (except for the countless overfulls).
> Curiously, LaTeX/Babel finds the pattern formats just fine and starts up 
> saying:
>  LaTeX2e <2005/12/01>                                                  
>  Babel <v3.8l> and hyphenation patterns for english,
>  usenglishmax, dumylang, nohyphenation, german-x-2008-06-18,
>  ngerman-x-2008-06-18, german, ngerman, loaded.

That's the start of the log-file of the Xelatex run? In this case I
would at first check if the source of the problem is polyglossia. 

Run with xelatex 

If this fails too, try it with latex. If this fails too: ask at the
tex-live mailing list or in comp.text.tex.

If the problem is only with xelatex and/or polyglossia: Make a
complete minimal example that demonstrates the problem and sent it
together with the log-file. 

Ulrike Fischer 

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