[XeTeX] Coordinating fonts in text and math mode: question from a new user

Beau Madison Mount bmount at Princeton.EDU
Thu Aug 6 02:43:20 CEST 2009

Thanks, Andrew! That looks exactly like what I need. I'll experiment  
and see how it works.

Incidentally, as for the quantifiers, it wasn't at all uncommon to set  
the reversed-E in serif before 1950 or so. (Since most people at the  
time just wrote '(x)' instead of using the universal quantifier, I'm  
not sure I've ever seen an inverted-A in serif.) *Principia  
mathematica* did so, as did some of Quine's early books and quite a  
few articles I've seen in *Analysis*. (I think the Journal of Symbolic  
Logic used sans-serif from the beginning, though.)

Personally, I prefer it aesthetically, and it fits well with the  
overall "look" that I'm trying to emulate (roughly, the way Cambridge  
University Press books looked in the early part of the 20th century).  
But I recognize that I'm swimming against the tide.

-B. Madison Mount 

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