[XeTeX] squeezing vertical space before/after verse environment

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I don't use LaTeX but I've always found that it's best to specify the space round displayed matter as 'x minus y' (the maximum less some y) and not 'x plus y' (the minimum plus some y), since with the latter TeX will sometimes stretch it to a great (and unacceptable) amount if the pagination is falling awkwardly and that is the least-penalty way for it to complete the page.  Something like

\vskip 0.75\baselineskip minus 0.25\baselineskip

before and after the displayed matter should be OK. (You can put at the start something like

\def\verseskip{\vskip 0.75\baselineskip minus 0.25\baselineskip}

and then use \verseskip in your environment definition.  You can then tinker with the definition of \verseskip until everything looks nice.

Hope this helps.


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  I have defined new verse environment as below and it does seem to change. However, I am not able to reduce the verse begin and end space further. I tried to change listparindent. Please suggest.


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    Le 02/08/2009 08:35, Sreenivasa Guttal a écrit :

    > Hello,
    > I frequently get feedback to reduce the vertical space automatically
    > introduced by latex/xelatex in section headers etc. I have some solution
    > for section headers now, but could not do the same for verse
    > environment. If one looks @ the output, the space introduced by verse
    > before and after looks significantly more. My work used indian languages
    > like sanskrit.

    Build your own environment, for instance:

                   \list{}{\itemsep      \z@
                           \itemindent   -1.5em%
                           \advance\leftmargin 1em}%

    Adjust the parameters until they fit what you wish.

    If you want your new environment to be still named "verse", use
    \renewenvironment (with the same syntax).

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