[XeTeX] XeTeX incorrectly scales JPEG and other graphics files

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Sat Sep 13 01:47:26 CEST 2008

Le 13 sept. 08 à 00:50, Peter Dyballa a écrit :

> When inserting a JPEG image (can also be PDF or PNG) XeTeX uses the  
> extractbb programme to create a file <graphics file name>.xbb and to  
> write the image's bounding box into that auxiliary file. LaTeX  
> (pdfeTeX) uses for the same purpose the programme ebb which puts  
> that data into a file <graphics file name>.bb. Both programmes  
> extractbb and ebb are sym-links to dvipdfmx.

What did you do to get these .xbb and .bb files created? I'm not  
getting them (I just checked with your example), never has been.

> The size of the JPEG is correct when I load graphicx separately with  
> the dvipdfmx option. I am using a pre-release TeX Live 2008 from  
> four weeks ago (2008-08-14).

With TeXLive 2008 I'm not specifying driver options explicitly any  
longer (same with file extensions for included graphics), and that's  
how I get the best results : Jonathan's excellent config files  
(included in TeXLive 2008), and their organization in appropriate  
directories, are clever enough that the relevant option is selected  
automatically based on the binary used for typesetting (pdflatex,  
xelatex, latex, ...).

Bruno Voisin

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