[XeTeX] XeTeX incorrectly scales JPEG and other graphics files

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sat Sep 13 14:31:00 CEST 2008

Am 13.09.2008 um 01:47 schrieb Bruno Voisin:

> What did you do to get these .xbb and .bb files created? I'm not
> getting them (I just checked with your example), never has been.

I'm failing now, too! Since I wanted to make just one or two tests  
(could have been ten or 20 times that much in the end), I launched a  
new instance of GNU Emacs. Inside I used AUCTeX to *TeX the test  
file. At one (the first?) try I saw that some external programmed  
could not be used because of missing -shell-escape. Since I haven't  
prepared an AUCTeX command for 'xelatex -shell-escape' I used the  
shell, that is put in "normal" mode of operation, i.e. gwTeX based.  
Could be it was in TeX Live 2007 or gwTeX mood and an elder XeTeX  
produced the EBB file. And after one such try in shell I saw an XBB  
file in the directory, which led me to extractbb.

Today I tried to pass options dvipdf (surely completely wrong) or  
dvipdfm or dvipdfmx to graphicx when loading the package, but failure  
every time (could a mixture of xcolor without option and graphicx  
with dvipdfm bring success?).

> With TeXLive 2008 I'm not specifying driver options explicitly any
> longer (same with file extensions for included graphics), and that's
> how I get the best results

Yes, it seems XeTeX has been accepted as something average, normal,  
usual ...



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