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Scientific Word can be configured to use XeTeX. There are instructions
for doing so on http://www.mackichan.com/techtalk/743.htm.
Those directions say to use TeXLive 2007. You can of course use Miktex
2.7 or TeXLive 2008. Future versions of Scientific Word will provide
much deeper support of XeTeX.

--Barry MacKichan

Alan Cockerill wrote:
> Hello Tobi and others,
> I am completely new to this list, and do not have a background in 
> typesetting or design. My background is in Russian language studies, and my 
> wife is Japanese.  I typed her thesis for her, which contained English, 
> Russian and Japanese script, using Nisus Writer on a Mac, then had to 
> convert it to Word when she published it as a book. I also have an interest 
> in Yoga and Indian Spirituality, and am working on an English language text 
> with some Sanscrit quotations. I am interested in publishing my own 
> translations from Russian, and was advised by a friend, who has used TEX and 
> XETEX for many years, to look at XETEX for setting up my books.
> Can anyone advise me on the best way for a beginner to set up XETEX in a 
> Windows XP environment? I do not currently have access to a Mac. I would 
> prefer to work with a graphical interface or easy text editor if one is 
> available, but am prepared to learn how to use code if that is the best way 
> to go. Would Eclipse or some other program be worth looking at?
> Tobi, I could look up a quotation for you by Lomonosov, an 18th century 
> scholar, extolling the virtues of Russian, and comparing it with other 
> European languages, but I am not sure it that is what you are looking for.
> Thank you for any help.
> Alan Cockerill
> Brisbane, Australia
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> Subject: [XeTeX] quotation on scripts needed
>> Hello,
>> at the risk of slightly abusing this list with a non-xetex-technical 
>> question:
>> I'm slowly finishing my M.Sc. thesis on pronunciation-based input 
>> mechanisms for languages with non-Roman scripts (essentially on how to 
>> enter Hindi/Tamil/Arabic/anything using intuitive, non-standardized 
>> romanizations).
>> (Contact me if you want to know more!).
>> As the purpose of my research was to enable more people to use computers 
>> with their own language, and, more specifically, their own script, it 
>> would be great to have a nice quote which somehow emphasizes the 
>> importance of being able to use your own language in its own script (as 
>> opposed to, say, the whole world using English, or all languages being 
>> somehow written using the Latin alphabet).
>> As for using Xetex: my thesis is now at around 120 pages, the list of 
>> figures is a page long, and Xetex has worked like a charm. Alongside 
>> English text, I have mostly used Devanagari text (Hindi) (alongside some 
>> Katakana and Arabic), usually individual words embedded in English 
>> sentences. No problems at all.
>> I'm using Windows XP and - somewhat unusual choice - Eclipse (with the 
>> Texlipse plugin) as an editor, as it supports UTF 8 and has some nice 
>> features such as CVS support.
>> Thank you for your quotes, and thanks for supporting xetex.
>> Greetings,
>> Tobi
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