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Alan Cockerill acockeri at bigpond.net.au
Sun Oct 5 02:56:10 CEST 2008

Hello Tobi and others,

I am completely new to this list, and do not have a background in 
typesetting or design. My background is in Russian language studies, and my 
wife is Japanese.  I typed her thesis for her, which contained English, 
Russian and Japanese script, using Nisus Writer on a Mac, then had to 
convert it to Word when she published it as a book. I also have an interest 
in Yoga and Indian Spirituality, and am working on an English language text 
with some Sanscrit quotations. I am interested in publishing my own 
translations from Russian, and was advised by a friend, who has used TEX and 
XETEX for many years, to look at XETEX for setting up my books.

Can anyone advise me on the best way for a beginner to set up XETEX in a 
Windows XP environment? I do not currently have access to a Mac. I would 
prefer to work with a graphical interface or easy text editor if one is 
available, but am prepared to learn how to use code if that is the best way 
to go. Would Eclipse or some other program be worth looking at?

Tobi, I could look up a quotation for you by Lomonosov, an 18th century 
scholar, extolling the virtues of Russian, and comparing it with other 
European languages, but I am not sure it that is what you are looking for.

Thank you for any help.

Alan Cockerill
Brisbane, Australia

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> Hello,
> at the risk of slightly abusing this list with a non-xetex-technical 
> question:
> I'm slowly finishing my M.Sc. thesis on pronunciation-based input 
> mechanisms for languages with non-Roman scripts (essentially on how to 
> enter Hindi/Tamil/Arabic/anything using intuitive, non-standardized 
> romanizations).
> (Contact me if you want to know more!).
> As the purpose of my research was to enable more people to use computers 
> with their own language, and, more specifically, their own script, it 
> would be great to have a nice quote which somehow emphasizes the 
> importance of being able to use your own language in its own script (as 
> opposed to, say, the whole world using English, or all languages being 
> somehow written using the Latin alphabet).
> As for using Xetex: my thesis is now at around 120 pages, the list of 
> figures is a page long, and Xetex has worked like a charm. Alongside 
> English text, I have mostly used Devanagari text (Hindi) (alongside some 
> Katakana and Arabic), usually individual words embedded in English 
> sentences. No problems at all.
> I'm using Windows XP and - somewhat unusual choice - Eclipse (with the 
> Texlipse plugin) as an editor, as it supports UTF 8 and has some nice 
> features such as CVS support.
> Thank you for your quotes, and thanks for supporting xetex.
> Greetings,
> Tobi
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