[XeTeX] various problems with ArabXeTeX

François Charette firmicus at ankabut.net
Mon Nov 24 16:05:02 CET 2008

Benjamin Geer a écrit :
> 2008/11/24 François Charette <firmicus at ankabut.net>
>> NB: In "ArabTeX" mode, ArabXeTeX assumes you type << and >> for the quotations marks,
>> in which case they will be properly displayed.
> That's what I tried first, but I've been unable to get either
> ArabXeTeX or polyglossia to convert << and >> into « and ».  I've
> attached my input and output files.
Note that I wrote *in ArabTeX mode*. But your example is in UTF-8.

>>> 3. The line spacing is uneven in the output; some lines are much closer together than others.
>> Mmm. Perhaps I am not yet completely awake, but I can't confirm that here. (My output is
>> attached)
> I took screenshots of the attached output files displayed in Adobe
> Reader, opened the screenshots in GIMP, and measured the distances
> between lines.  For example, in both the ArabXeTeX output and the
> polyglossia output, the distance between the baseline of the last line
> on page 1 and the baseline of the line above it is 36 pixels; the
> distance between the latter and the baseline of the line above it is
> 44 pixels.  It's the same in the output file you sent, too.

Just set \baselineskip to an appropriate value, for instance 


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